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Authentic Afghan Cuisine at Luna Restaurant

Afghan food is a unique and tasty combination of Eastern and Central Asian influences. At Luna Restaurant you can enjoy this delicious cuisine, with an authentic twist. Our menu includes traditional dishes such as Kebab, Kabuli Pallow and Mantu.

Our chefs are experts in creating tasty and creative dishes with fresh, local ingredients. We are proud of our rich culinary traditions and would like to share them with our guests. view our menu here

Come visit Luna Restaurant and taste the delicious flavors of modern Afghan cuisine. Or order online for an easy and tasty meal at home. We look forward to welcoming you and letting you enjoy our culinary creations.

Afghan restaurant
in The Hague

Luna Restaurant is a beautiful Afghan restaurant in the heart of The Hague Scheveningen. If you are looking for authentic Afghan dishes and a unique dining experience, Luna Restaurant is the right place for you.

Our chefs strive to create new and innovative dishes while maintaining the traditional flavors and techniques of Afghan cuisine. From classics like Kabuli Pulao and Mantu to new creations unique to our restaurant, we offer a wide range of dishes.

Our rich mantu is filled with a rich mix of lamb, onions and herbs and served with a delicious yoghurt sauce. Our tasty rice is made from the highest quality basmati rice and enriched with saffron, raisins and cardamom for a unique taste.


The culinary specialties reflect the ethnic and geographical diversity of the country. The national dish of Afghanistan is Kabuli palaw, a rice dish cooked with raisins, carrots, nuts and lamb or beef. Come visit Luna Restaurant and try it out!

Luna Restaurant
Luna Restaurant